DANCE OF THE STAG BEETLES 1. Ink painting of 7 rainbow coloured stag beetles engaged in a dance. Sold Unmounted and unframed.

In recent years I have bewailed the loss of the once common stag beetle from my garden...but this year they returned in abundance. In case this was a fluke I felt I had the one chance to capture them. In the right light the black of their exoskeleton appears irridescent so I've tried to capture the rainbow of colours that's reflected off it. Although rarely seen together I've tried to capture my own joy at seeing them again by depicting them dancing. This is the second in the series of dancing stag beetles and is painted in water-based ink, on 200gsm watercolour paper, 23x16 inches (A2) in size. It's sold unmounted and unframed and shipped rolled in a protective cardboard tube.

Dance Of The Stag Beetles